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    Choose a Program

    These workouts are not required but are provided as an added benefit.
    More are added on a regular basis.

    6-Week Cycle - Body Basics

    Choose this cycle to build a solid foundation of strength and muscular endurance! This cycle focuses on the fundamentals, hits all major muscle groups, and is the ideal way to improve your overall fitness. If you were to choose only one program to follow, this is it. 

    Equipment Recommendations

    We use the following equipment in most workouts: dumbbells (a pair of light and a pair of medium/heavy), handled resistance bands, interval timer, and exercise mat. These are the brands I use and recommend.

    6-Week Cycle - Drill + Chill

    This 6-Week Cycle will help you burn fat and improve mobility using two short circuits. In the first circuit, you get a short, intense challenge - Drill. In the second circuit, you slow it down as you focus on flexibility & movement quality. Follow it to get in incredible shape and feel amazing!

    Workout Guide

    Don't understand what Sets & Reps are? Confused by words like tri-set and superset? Wondering how to gauge intensity or if you should choose Level I or Level II exercises? The workout guide explains it all!

    6-Week Cycle - HiiT it Hard

    This 6-Week Cycle is a bit more advanced.  Choose this cycle if you want to lose weight and tone up! The first 3 workouts include two high-intensity interval circuits - one full-body, one for abs. The 4th workout is a straight-up cardio assault! If you want a challenge, this is it.