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    Play the Get Fit Done HIERARCHY of HABITS Challenge!

    Need help focusing on your health through the holiday season?
    Worried you’ll go off the rails (again) and start January in a rut?
    Tired of the same old boring advice to eat less and move more?
    Need something that'll get you laughing?


    I got you, yo. 


    I created a super-simplified version of Get Fit Done!

    This time, you don’t play on a team - so you only have to worry about yourself!

    And the points system is a bit different. 

    And there are no penalties! You’re welcome.


    Plus, there are prizes! 

    Here’s how it works:

    1) Set goals in 5 categories

    2) Rank those goals by importance/difficulty to create your "Habit Hierarchy"

    3) Smash those goals to win points and prizes!

    Er, I mean.... smash those goals to get fit n’healthy! *wink* 

    You’re gonna get fit done when you Play Get Fit Done,

    my amazing, awesome-sauce competitive non-competitive game! 


    Wait, what?


    You read that right. It’s a competition that’s kinda non-competitive.

    We don’t compete in ability, we compete in COMPLIANCE.
    As in, I tell you to do sh!t - and if you do it, you get points.

    If you don’t?...  Well then NO POINTS FOR YOU. 


    It's a competition... but only in ways that make this game

    silly and fun and hilarious and MOTIVATING to DO! 

    And in the process? WE GET RESULTS.

    You've got nothing to lose.


    $10 / person

    This 26 day challenge starts Monday! (December 9th)

    It ends January 3rd, 2020.

    Yep, we go through the holidays! Because why not!

    Remember, this is a super scaled back version of the game.

    Simple daily habits, silly banter check-ins. 

    It'll be awesome!