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    Hi, Captain!

    Welcome and thank you for taking on the role as team captain! I’d like to explain a bit about your duties, and how you can help your players have the best time ever!


    Your main responsibilities as Team Captain are:

    1. Understand the rules & how to play

    2. Know where the main resources are located and how to access them

    3. Act as point of contact between me and your players

    4. Support your players!

    Understand the rules and HOW TO PLAY

    The full and complete ‘HOW TO PLAY’ RULE BOOK is the Member Area. As team captain, I urge you to read it so you can help your players! And for your reference, here's a printable "cheat sheet" on scoring:





    Know where the GAME RESOURCES are located and how to access them

    Everything players need to play is here in the Member Area on the website. Every player should use the password PLAYGAME10 to access the member area, and then create a user profile. Please note: The member area is only for housing resources. All of the fun - trash talk! - takes place in the private Facebook group. 


    Browse the tabs in the Member Area to get familiar with the tools of the game. Don't worry, you'll be up and running right quick!


    Act as point of CONTACT between Coach Laura and your teammates

    I will create a private group for team captains in Facebook Messenger. We can communicate that way. I'll message you if scores are missing or I have an important announcement, and you can reach out when you have questions.



    I highly encourage you to have a way to communicate with your team on the side via messenger, group text, or email. Reach out to players who ‘go missing’ for a few days. Tag or message your teammates when a Pop-Up Challenge appears in the Facebook group. Players who don't spend a lot of time on Facebook will need a nudge!


    Remind them to set their notifications in the FB group to “all messages” so they don’t miss out on Bonus Point opportunities, education, and the silly fun meme-filled trash talk. 


    And most importantly....  Cheer them on! Everyone is always

    suuuuuper supportive of not just their own teammates, but

    players on other teams too. The community and camaraderie

    has really been a beautiful thing! It gets me all

    schmoopy-whoopy inside.


    Ok, that's enough mushy talk! Go do some push-ups.
    Er, I mean....  Are you
    eady to Play?


    Let’s Get Fit Done!   


    ::fist bump::