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    Meet Your Coach
    Laura Flynn Endres

    Founder, Lead Trainer, Boss Lady

    Laura has over 25 years of experience working as a coach, personal trainer, educator, public speaker, and entrepreneur.


    She has a BS in Elementary and Health Education from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and holds certifications in personal training, senior fitness, Pilates, and

    online personal training.


    More importantly, she's a mom, a wife,

    and a goofball smart-ass who loves to laugh. #priorities


    Laura and her team of trainers provide private personal training in the Los Angeles area, and Laura is the co-founder of CHANGE Wellness, a new corporate wellness start-up serving

    Los Angeles and Chicago.


    She has produced over 100 workout videos on YouTube and in addition to Get Fit Done, runs another online site, the
    Quickie Club, a weekly workout subscription. 


    Even though she's now a city girl, she's

    from the cornfields of Illinois. That's

    where she raised her two kids with her 

    hot husband, Rob, on 5 acres of her family's 5th generation farm until 2016.


    She began building her brand in 2013, but Los Angeles is her answer to the

    empty nest question, "now what?"


    And she's loving every minute of it!